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Collection of Our Best Marriage Proposal Stories

JNS Diamond Imports has helped thousands of couples start their new lives together. Now we want to help you plan for one of the most romantic and memorable times in your life—the day you get engaged. These JNS Diamond Imports customers have agreed to share their special marriage proposal stories with you. We've also included a picture of the couple's engagement ring. We hope you'll get some ideas for how to set the stage for a magical marriage proposal.

Marriage Proposal Stories:

Brand New Tractor!

On Saturday April 4th, 2015 – Jon and Katie woke up extra early and headed out to Chappell Hill, TX to work on their land. After a hearty breakfast, both got to work with Katie mowing and trimming branches on one end of the land and Jon on the opposite end with his “brand new tractor”. Jon was excited to use it for the very first time, but about halfway through the day he came walking up to Katie extremely upset because the tractor had quit running. Katie wasn’t sure what to do so she suggested driving his truck with the extra tools back to the tractor…little did she know waiting back at the tractor was a big surprise for her…Jon got down on one knee and held up a sign saying “Katie will you marry me?”…and of course she said YES!

This has been the best year of our lives and hope for many more to come. I truly enjoyed picking out the engagement ring and will never forget the look on Katie’s face when she saw it. We also enjoyed picking out our wedding bands, and couldn’t be happier with the beautiful quality. We look forward to seeing you again soon for future diamonds.

Thank You,

Jon & Kate
Married May 7, 2016

Robert & Whitney

Robert bought a ring and planned a trip to Brazos Bend State Park for a picturesque hike and picnic. Although Whitney found the ring in his backpack midway through the hike, Robert managed to keep her guessing by delaying the proposal. At the end of the hike, the three of them (including Ari dog) nearly stepped on a cottonmouth snake lying in the middle of the path. A near death experience might be the perfect moment to propose, but Robert held off. They had their picnic in a clearing and as hope for a proposal began to fade, a bee began to buzz the couple. With the day clearly at an end, cleanup of the picnic site began, which made for a perfect distraction. By the time Whitney turned around, Robert was on one knee and asking Whitney to spend the rest of her life with him as his wife! And then she said yes!

Erin & Mitchell Story

Mitchell and Erin met their freshman year at the first Texas Tech football home game. They struggled together and barely survived Chemistry during the 2nd semester of their freshman year and were inseperable ever since.

They started dating at the beginning of their sophomore year. They were best friends and dated throughout the rest of college. When Erin graduated in December 2012, she moved back home to Katy, Texas to find a teaching job. Shortly after, Mitchell graduated in May 2013 and followed Erin to Houston.

Mitchell popped the question in August 2013 at the Wright’s home in Katy… the day after Erin caught the bouquet at her best friend’s wedding! Both Erin and Mitchell’s family were present to share and celebrate their special day.

Watson-Salinas Wedding

Picture Perfect

Nicole and her staff at JNS were more helpful than I could have ever imagined. I went to Nicole with a picture and an idea and she and her team were able to turn that picture into a reality for my wife and I. They do amazing work and are so great to work with. I felt very overwhelmed when I started looking for the perfect ring, but Nicole sat me down and taught me everything there is to know about diamonds and told me about all of my options. I would recommend anyone to meet with Nicole and her great team at JNS.

Perfect Fit

I have been remiss in connecting with you to share the good news. Lesley accepted my proposal for her hand in marriage, and it really could not have been a better experience. From picking out the diamond with you to the moment that I proposed – everything was simply perfect. Lesley loves the ring, and if you can believe it, the ring fits perfectly!

I cannot thank you enough for the experience and education of purchasing the diamond. It was a pleasure, and I am very grateful for your efforts and patience in guiding me through the process.

Lake Austin Surprise

Hello Everyone! We are excited to let y’all know that on April 21st, Chris proposed to Sara. She said “YES!” Below are some fun pictures of the moments after the engagement.

Chris lured the unknowing, but suspicious, Sara down to a beautiful spot on the water’s edge of Lake Austin, with the 360 bridge in the background. He had previously stashed a cooler full of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries behind nearby trees. Once there, he explained everything, proposed, and the celebration began. I hope you have as much fun with these pictures as we did.

Kemah Boardwalk

I proposed to Kelli down at the Kemah Boardwalk on March 25. Here’s how it all unfolded.

After concealing the engagement ring for nearly 2 weeks, we departed for Kemah. Kelli had no clue of what was to happen on this trip. She just though it was another little local, weekend getaway. This was the sight of our first date by the way. We stayed at the Inn, where I had the staff arrange champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in the room upon our arrival. She loved it, and this still did not give away the surprise that awaited her. I’m very sneaky. We had dinner out on the patio of the Flying Dutchman by the water, and the entire time I had the ring box in my pants pocket. This made me extremely nervous that she would see it and put two and two together. Some how, my covert operation succeeded through dinner, and then we took a stroll along the boardwalk. The spring evening couldn’t have been better. The cool breeze off the bay was fabulous, with a clear, star-filled sky above. We bought two tickets for the ferris wheel ride, and this is where “the moment” would take place. Once aboard, I waited until our gondola was stopped at the very top, providing quite a view of the water and the whole boardwalk. I struggled to get the ring box out of my pocket, which felt like an eternity. With Kelli’s head turned and eyes gazing out over the water, I opened my hand with the ring box just in front of her. She then turned back to me, and when she discovered what was in front of her, her hands immediately covered her mouth and eyes began tearing up. After I opened the box, the only words I could voice were, “Kelli will you marry me”. I did have a nice speech prepared, but that went out the window once I saw her reaction, and I was caught up in the moment with eyes tearing up as well. I will never forget that feeling for the rest of my life. Purely amazing! I’ve attached a photo of us as we have just got off the ferris wheel, and after Kelli announced to the whole crowd, “I just got engaged!”. Thank you so much for your contribution in making this a very proud night for the two of us.

We will be back fro the wedding bands

Houston Museum of Natural Sciences … Butterfly Exhibit

Working with JNS Diamonds made our special day perfect! Nicole worked with me to select the perfect diamond and setting at a great value. She showed me how to evaluate the precious stones had a wide variety of quality diamonds from which to choose. Thanks Nicole for helping make our engagement (and soon our wedding) perfect!

A lot of planning went into the big day. There were many options for the location. I have to thank my good friends and my family for helping me figure out the perfect location for my perfect girl. SPOILER: The day went perfectly … oh yea and she said YES!

We headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences to spend the day enjoying one of Kemly’s favorite childhood memories. We had a great time exploring the exhibits. It turns out the dinosaurs have bone structures that are very similar to our own. We also learned a little bit about the energy industry. I finally convinced her that we had an appointment at the butterfly exhibit.

While Kemly and I enjoyed the entomology exhibit her parents and sister arrived at the museum to meet us in the butterfly exhibit. It turns out that despite having grown up with an entomologist for a mother, Kemly’s knowledge of bug facts cannot compete with mine!

After exploring the butterfly exhibit for some time, and waiting for Kemly’s family to arrive, it was time for the big moment!

“Honey, I have something I need to ask you.”

“Will you marry me?” “Yes, Yes, of course, Yes!”

After capturing the moment, thanks to Kemly’s family, Kemly and I had to head to another appointment. Surprise lunch with friends at Bucca di Beppo!

The day went perfectly. Kemly was so excited and surprised, it was worth all of the planning! Thank you Nicole!

New Year’s Eve in Brazil

Deborah and Marty celebrated the New Year in Buzios, Brazil, with Deb’s family. Marty had been acting weird all day, and was overly excited about the New Years celebration to come that night. Unfortunately, Deborah’s father was not feeling well, so at 11:30 Deb and her sisters decided to take their parents some food in their hotel room.

The girls got back to the festivities at 11:55. When Deborah walked up, Marty was sweating profusely! Deborah asked Marty if everything was ok, he was glad she was back. At 11:59, Marty grabbed Deborah’s hand to watch the fireworks being released over the ocean barge. He turned to her and said “I don’t want to go another year without you being my wife.” He proceeded to get down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The fireworks started to go off and it began to rain! Deborah’s sister Barbie was there to document everything.

What’s He Waiting For?

Chris and I had been dating for about three and a half years and when we began looking for engagement rings I finally found one I absolutely loved. It was a single round solitaire diamond on the very classic Tiffany setting. After finding the ring I wanted, I thought that Chris would wait a while before giving the ring to me as he wanted to make sure it was a surprise. If you know me, you know it’s hard to keep surprises from me as I have a very curious personality. A month had passed by when we went to visit his family in Des Moines, Iowa. During the visit, Chris’s sister got engaged and although I was happy for her I couldn’t help but feel a bit envious and more impatient than ever. I continued to wonder why Chris was waiting so long to give me thing ring, and he kept on insisting that he wanted to plan something special. I stressed to him that I didn’t need a big production. I just wanted something from the heart, something sincere. One Friday, we decided to go to the movies and eat dinner. I had a feeling that night he was going to propose because earlier in the day he mentioned that he wanted to go to the Monnelisa which is a nice bar attached to the Hotel Sorella on the Westside of Houston, and if you know Chris you know that he is more of a sports bar kind of guy. After the movie, we walked over to the Monnelisa where he ordered us both martinis. We sat out on the deck area where there was a lit pool. This is when I thought he was going to propose. We finished our drinks, and he mentioned that maybe we could go to another bar. Disappointed that he still hadn’t proposed, I agreed and so we walked down to the courtyard. Again I got my hopes up thinking he was going to propose right there in the middle of the courtyard. To my surprise, we walked right through the courtyard and went to the next bar. I was soon giving up on the idea that that was the night I was going to get engaged. Driving home, I began to get upset. I kept thinking to myself, “What’s he waiting for?” We finally got home. I went straight to the bathroom to wash my face and grab my nightgown from the closet. As I walked into our bedroom, there he was, on one knee, and I couldn’t help but smile. All he said was “Stacie, I love you, and I didn’t mean to make you wait so long, but, will you marry me?” He pulled out the ring, and of course, I said YES.

Picnic in the Park, Katy, Texas

I want to thank you for helping me pick out a beautiful ring for my princess. We both love it!

I told you I would let you know how it went, so here it goes. I took her to a park here in Katy, and I set up a blanket near the pond. I brought a rose, a bottle of wine from the winery I took her to on our first date, some chocolate covered fruit from Edible Arrangements, a portable ipod player and an ipod with some of her favorite music on it. I also brought a marriage book we have been reading titled “Marriage On The Rock.” I planned it out so that we would be on the last chapter of the book. I read her the last chapter and then I read her some scripture verses from the bible pertaining to marriage. Some of the versus were Genesis 2:18-24, 1 Corinthians 7:1-16, Ephesians 5:22-23, Colossians 3:18-19, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Song of Songs 8:6-8. Then I stood her up and proposed, she loved it. Then we drank our wine and ate our dessert while we listened to her favorite music. I brought my camera so we could take pictures. It was an amazing time. Thanks again for all your help!